Punk rockers, Zebrahead have just released their brand-new video and it documents their very first live performance since the pandemic, at Slam Dunk. In addition, the band have also announced their upcoming EP, III.

We have been blending hip-hop and pop-punk for nearly 25 years and it’s amazing to see how big that genre is now. ‘A Long Way Down’ is a perfect combination of heart-breaking melody and high energy rap,” says bassist Ben Osmundson.

Vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee adds: “’A Long Way Down’ is about being stuck in a toxic relationship because you feel like you don’t deserve better. You settle for what’s in front of you rather than go for what will truly make you happy.”  

Vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estella chimes in, “even though the feelings might be there, it’s best to walk away and find your true counterpart.”

Check it out below:

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