Ever seen the “Am I the drama” TikTok challenge? Well, we know a band who can 100% say they are the drama! Adelaide’s Wolf & Chain are all theatrics, but they also ooze creativity and produce tracks that show off skilled musicians with a knack for writing incredibly catchy songs. They’ve dragged mall emo into 2021 with all the flair we’d expect from the Three Cheers/Fever You Can’t Sweat Out-era.

Ahead of the imminent release of their EP Amor MortalWolf & Chain have been luring fans in with their bloodthirsty narratives, lore and natural love for dramatism and theatrics. Frontman Jack Cumes speaks on the making of the video clip:

“The video gives insight into the backstory of this tale, how the two characters get mixed up in this madness and become these great opposing forces. It brings the themes from the song and translates them into this dirty, fantastical vampire story. It was really exciting for us to explore other ideas from our collection on ‘Amor Mortal’ in this world and do something grand and atmospheric.”

Check it out:

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