Punk rock band, Wishful Thinking released their six-minute track, DESTINY Pt. 1′ yesterday to coincide with “R U OK?” day.

Lead singer Carl W. Jackson said of the song, “In my life I have huge anxiety about the purpose and meaning of life. I often find myself asking questions like, ‘Does this life have meaning?’ ‘Are we here for a reason?’ and ‘how do I live life if there is no intrinsic meaning and purpose in this world?’ As I grew up religious my worldview was shaken when I chose not to follow that path. Destiny is a character that embodies those questions and the song follows her journey along that road. It is my hope that everyone might see parts of the character of Destiny in their own lives. I hope they find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in their struggles and find the courage to talk to their friends and family about what they are going through.”

Give it a listen below:

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