Today marks the start of a new era for Aussie metalcore outfit Visioner who have not only released a new single, but also added new vocalist Robbie Wilson into the fold.

Wilson, says that “Once I heard the dark instrumental vibe for Psyche, the idea for me was to write about something I had struggled with in my past. The song touches on a time of insanity that I had dealt with from making mistakes lead on from drug abuse. I went against all my morals from being in an altered state of mind, feeling paranoid that I was hated by all of those who I had held close and called friends.”

“Realising that all of it was just in my head I pulled myself out of what was a horrible experience but came out strong-willed and knowing not to put myself in that place ever again. I really just wanted to share my experience and try to help anyone who has struggled with or is struggling with drug abuse and the horrible state of mind that it can sink you into, knowing that you are not alone and you can come out of it stronger.”

Check out the video for ‘Psyche’ below:

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