Karma Kids’ track-by-track guide to “vibes. [part 2]”

With their brand-new album officially out, we caught up with Karma Kids to take us behind the lyrics of each song of the record.

Give it a spin and have a read about the inspiration behind each song.

1. How I Met Your Mother

ONE, TWO, LET’S GO! This song starts the record off with a poppy catchy bang that goes from pop punk to samples and hip hop melodies in a matter of 20 seconds or so. It reflects on being a fuck up and trying to pull out of it.

Favorite line: “You could never stand another night alone”

2. Falling

“Falling” was the lead single of the second half of vibes. It is about the ever too common problem of really trying to get your shit together and continuing to fall flat on your face.

Favorite line: “I’m empty/it’s not your fault I’m falling/and I can’t breathe”

3. Broken Hearts Club

“Broken Hearts Club” is a tale of a repetitive, destructive habit. Just making the same mistakes again and dwindling over it.

Favorite line: “The secrets that you keep/are buried in the sheets/I’m dying in this cold sunlight/my knees are growing weak”

4. Serotonin

This is a slow, vibey track that admits one’s own belief of being unable to be happy.

Favorite line: “I’m so spent and I’m so broken”

5. Dead Ghosts
“Dead Ghosts” is a nod to your former self. Watching your downfall and embracing it.

Favorite line: “Wasted in the Target bathroom/and now you’re making a scene”

6. She Never Knew My Name
This song is about the people around you not recognizing you anymore and breaking ties with you due to your self negligence.

Favorite line: “She’s such a fuckin mess I swear/lip gloss, ripped jeans and auburn hair”

7. Fucked
“Fucked” speaks of just giving up on trying to better a situation. It’s sucked for so long that you don’t even see a positive outcome as a possibility.

Favorite line: “I’m off my medication/white pills and motivation”

8. Solar Eclipse
“Solar Eclipse” is probably the first song that was written specifically for this release. It’s the only glimmer of light in the darkness that is “vibes. [part two.]”. The record really needed a pick me up so it wasn’t all negative.

“When you said I was losing my substance/I found a shortcut”

9. inter[quaa]lude
10. When I’m Gone
“When I’m Gone” has been in our pockets for a minute. I fucking love this song. It checks off every box of what I want in a song. It’s the final “fuck you” that ends the tale of the main character of the record.

Favorite line: “When I’m gone/who the fuck’s gonna love you”

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