The Path: Ryan Kirby talks new Fit For A King album

With five albums spanning a thirteen year career, Fit For A King have cemented their place in metalcore ranks by not only consistently putting out one good record after another, but injecting the same ferocity and precision from albums into their live shows. This Friday, they add The Path, their sixth album, to their accomplished discography and as always, it’s quality and a strong contender for Album Of The Year.

If the singles are anything to go by, they seemingly toned down the heaviness for the record. Right? Well, not quite. Although  ‘Breaking The Mirror’ and ‘Locked (In My Head)’ may cut back on the growls, the record benefits from the balance of full-on pummeling elements and other soaring, more uplifting moments. We talk to vocalist Ryan Kirby about where those moments came from, pushing boundaries and more.

The Path is out this Friday – congrats! – We’re loving the diversity of the four singles. Was it a deliberate decision to push the boundaries or did it come about organically?

We are all so incredibly excited. This, in my opinion, is our most well rounded album to date.

We definitely wanted to expand upon our sound and try and bring in some new fans, while at the same time, making sure the non-singles kept the current fan base happy.

Your ‘Make FFAK Heavy Again’ hats are a hilarious response to ‘the haters’. Were you nervous for people to hear the ‘less heavy’ songs?

We knew the hate was going to come with some of these singles, especially Locked, so we planned the hat our weeks ahead of the release, and we honestly got less hate than I expected.

Ryo Kinoshita from Crystal Lake adds his monster vocals to ‘God Of Fire’. How did that collaboration come about?

We are already close friends with Crystal Lake, so it seemed like a no brainer to have him on the album. He is a top 3 frontman in metalcore, in my opinion.

You talked about how this album declares victory against the demons you’ve been battling. It’s audible in the uplifting sound of ‘Locked (In My Head)’ and ‘Breaking The Mirror’. How important is this message of hope right now?

Hope is all we have at this moment, and it’s hard to grasp it with each day that passes. I am glad I have positive FFAK album to listen to during this time.

If there’s one thing you want fans to take away from The Path, what would it be?

Keep your head up and move forward.

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