Sundressed on the authenticity of new album, Home Remedy

With 2020 being the year it is, many of us turn to music for familiarity and solace. Then Arizona punk band, Sundressed, brought their third studio album to the party and despite not being inherently written for the pandemic, the message of hope was crystal clear. Uplifting, thoughtful and personal, this album is a journey through vocalist Trevor Hedges’ lived experiences. We now chat to him about mental health, honesty and more.

Home Remedy’s been out in the world for a couple of months now, congrats! That’s gotta feel great?

It feels amazing to have it out! So much work went into this thing and we are so proud of it!

Sundressed started as a sobriety project in 2012, right? Did you ever imagine 8 years later it would turn into a message of hope amidst a global pandemic?

That’s very kind of you to say! When I started Sundressed, I had no idea I would still be doing it 8 years later, much less releasing music with such a wonderful team!

It’s a very no-nonsense album. Why do you think honest, personal lyrics like yours is really important right now?

I’ve always been drawn to authentic song-writing, so it has been ingrained in me for sure. Not only does it help me cope through things, but sometimes, it gives our listeners hope as well!

You touch on a lot of heavy topics like mental health, but you also seem to have a lot of fun in videos. How vital is it to balance the two?

I definitely think it’s important to have fun. It definitely helps me to put a positive spin on heavy subject matter by celebrating our victories over them. I think having fun videos and a fun live show really helps build a community around our music. Yes, we all go through heavy things, but we can also get together in a room and have those musical moments that make all the heavy stuff worth it!

You’re super active online at the moment with livestreams. Do you feel like this is a new way to connect with fans that you’ll keep up even as things eventually return to ‘normal’?

Absolutely! We have had so much fun on both twitch and discord, and I doubt we would have ever used those platforms before we were forced to get creative!

Give them a follow at twitch.tv/sundressedband.

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