We adored ‘This Light’, so we’re over the moon to report we’ve got just as much love for the second single from Summer Years‘ upcoming EP. Everything about ‘The Picture You Paint’ – riffs, melody, soaring vocals – contributes to another feel-good track.

About it Mike Liorti says, “The Picture You Paint’s overall premise is dealing with doubt. As musicians, we kinda live a life of constant Show & Tell to our fans, friends, and family. These days, especially, even the most passionate/understanding supporters & teammates can quickly lose touch of the artists’ vision/potential and basically dismiss them entirely. The smallest comment/action of doubt can be very potent and contagious (sometimes even making its way into the artists’ mind.) So the song is coming from a Relic/Lifer’s evolved mindset of understanding the bliss/oasis that comes from creating art for nobody but themselves and letting the dominoes fall as they may. The video is a compilation of the post-pandemic live shows we’ve been so honored and lucky to play and capture thanks to the help of our extremely supportive local scene.”

Watch the video below:

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