snake eyes are back with their first new material since their debut EP skeletons. New single ‘dig’, which comes with a typically creative music video crafted by the band’s very own Thomas Brooker (drums).

‘dig’ features some extremely driven, focused riffage and raucous singalong melody, married with a supremely slacker vibe that exposes snake eyes’ 90s grunge and brit pop sensibilities. “dig is one of those songs that fell together super quick,” says vocalist and guitarist Jim Heffy, explaining its immediacy. “I think, like many others, I ended up with a lot more free time (due to the first lockdown) so I had a surge of creativity and ended up churning out a bunch of new songs. I remember the chords going round in my head when I was delivering pizzas and realised the drums should just be slamming with snares on each beat. It’s about digging into past relationships and how, ultimately, it won’t do your new one any good. Some things are better left behind ya!”

Check it out below:

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