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Their brand-new split with If I Die First has officially dropped today and to celebrate what is an extraordinary EP, we caught up with sasscore masters, SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s Connie Sgarbossa to chat about A Sure Disaster, working with If I Die First and more.

Words: Alex Rolls // Renette van der merwe

IMAGE: Thompson Lengerke


A Sure Disaster is out today, congratulations! What was the writing process like going into this EP and how did it differ from your last release?

Thank you! Well the main part of the EP was definitely the collaborative song. With that comes the basis of having to combine both of the main aspects of each band cohesively, the sassier and heavier side of ours and the more melodic driving poppy sound of If I Die First, so that was definitely a primary focus when it came to the song

What was it like creating this split – and working on a video – with If I Die First?

I mean the idea of a split was just purely natural because we were great friends in bands and it was just a “no brainer”. From the get we really wanted to do the collaborative song and we just decided that you know we would have the obligatory solo songs as well that fed into the musical style. In terms of the video from the get go I had pretty distinct vision for what I wanted the visual look of the split art and video to be so I worked in Cameron Nunez and worked closely with him on that, then we  spent  day building the set from scratch while also finishing the vocals for the track the same day ’cause we’re working on a crazy schedule so it was a lot of “Connie stop building and come do this vocal part” and then someone who was done with vocals would come take over building till i was done haha. But the next day actually shooting was extremely fun, just playing, beating each other up, and generally fucking around with fake blood and the great make up work from Lisa. I would describe that day as fun chaos, haha.


Bands do splits, but they never really commit to collaborative songs. Do you think it’s something the scene needs more of? In what way do you think it’s beneficial?

I mean, It would be cool to see, I guess, but I don’t really think it’s necessary or anything. It’s not something I have given much thought to, we just kinda did it because we were homies and didn’t really think about any ramifications outside of that.

How has getting signed to Pure Noise Records impacted the band?

It’s opened us up to a lot  of opportunities and touring and being able to do things with our albums that we would not have been able to do as a DIY band. I wouldn’t say it’s like changed us as a band or anything because they have always just let us be us for better or for worse, haha.

Any underground bands you think we should be checking out?

I always fail miserably at this and leave bands I love out and such, so Imma just opt out, haha.

What’s next for SeeYouSpaceCowboy?

Hopefully touring comes back so we will be able to hit the road again, and we have been using quarantine to work on new music outside of the split so hopefully that stuff will see the light of day soon.

Essential Albums

What’s the first album you owned?
Antics – Interpol

What’s the last album you purchased / streamed?
It’s been a long since I bought music but the last album I listened from to back today  was Music For Earthworms by Aesop Rock.

An album that never gets old?
This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About by Modest Mouse

One that makes you feel especially sassy? Burn, Piano Island, Burn the Blood Brothers
An album you consider a guilty pleasure I don’t really have any guilty pleasures, I listen to hella pop and shit so I have always been open about everything I like.

Settle the argument

Vinyl or Spotify?

Well vinyl doesn’t always sound the best but I have a large collection of records from the 90’/00’s srcramo scene. But I would take Spotify because I listen on my daily walks. 

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