Premiere: Midfield’s brand new video for ‘Hangtime’

12 Aug, 2021

Philly pop punk band, Midfield, are here with delicious riffs and an undeniable singalong chorus as they premiere their brand-new video – shot and edited by Brandon Morris – for ‘Hangtime’ exclusively with The Alt Club.

“Hangtime is about hitting your all-time low and saying “enough is enough”. You can turn things around, you can change your situation and you deserve to be happy. Don’t get in your own way you deserve more than that.”

The song’s taken from their upcoming EP, Bruised But Not Beaten, that they recorded with Four Year Strong’s Alan Day.

“The recording process for this EP was new for us as we got to work with Alan Day of Four Year Strong. Due to the pandemic we couldn’t meet up with Alan in person so we did a lot of our communication online. We wrote with Alan which was an awesome experience in itself. The dude is so knowledgeable on music and has a great ear for what we wanted to convey with each song. We then tracked with our usual Producer, Jeff McKinnon. Jeff always helps us find strong vocal melodies to really bring things together. We then sent the tracks to Alan who produced three awesome songs that were hype to share with people.”

Keep an eye on streaming sites for the EP tomorrow, but enjoy ‘Hangtime’ by Midfield here in the meantime.

Photo by Jesse Joseph
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