NEWMEDS have just released their three-track EP and it’s a strong showing. Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind is packed with introspection, observation and turning the microscope on humanity. Those themes of frustration and anger are funnelled into some of this year’s greatest melodies. They’re punchy, full-on and showcases the great skill each member of this Hull quartet has and thereby bleeds into these songs. The contrast of a lithe, sort of sinuous guitar and the sludgy bass throughout is reason enough to listen to it; when you add Nick Cobley’s rough, aggressive vocals to it along with great drum work, it becomes clear why they’ve been earmarked by BBC Introducing. 

A great introduction, NEWMEDS seem to know exactly what they want to do and if I was a betting woman, I’d say they’re poised to do exactly that and more. 

Nothing Heavier Than The Mind Is an internal battle between your subconscious and mind. It’s about being conditioned to feel and act a certain way and your true self fighting back against these feelings,” Cobley says. “I used to beat myself up about everything, but I’ve realised recently no matter how bad you feel it doesn’t change anything. It’s about not being too hard on yourself and finding that self-forgiveness.”

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