Loser announce second Album with lead single

28 Jul, 2021

LOSER introduced their upcoming album with a huge lead single, ‘Head First’. The second full-length, titled All The Rage, will continue to draw on the band’s penchant for nostalgia and rock and if this is just the beginning, we can’t wait to see what else they’ve cooked up.

LOSER vocalist/guitarist Tim Maxwell tells the story of how this track came to life: “The very first line of the song came to me after an incident where I was shopping and I went to try on an item of clothing with my head down walking into the change room but little did I realise there was a huge steel beam above me. It sent me straight to the ground and no one in the shop noticed for a bit haha.

“It didn’t feel very nice and felt like part of my brain was missing. The song is about determination to keep doing what I want in my life and never give in. Musically, the idea was to have that acoustic blink feel with a huge pumpkins style verse/chorus.”

Watch the video below:

Photo by Ian Laidlaw
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