Following on from their signing to UNFD, metalcore outfit, Hollow Front, have decided to show us their gentler side with a reimagined version of ‘Loose Threads’. The track, taken from their debut album of the same name, comes totally stripped back and will appear alongside ‘Wearing Thin’ on the special reissue of Loose Threads.

Hollow Front vocalist/guitarist Dakota Alvarez shares the searingly personal inspiration behind the track: “‘Loose Threads’ was the manifestation of a plea/cry towards my best friend succumbing to his mental illness, and almost ending his life. The song was written to express the wave of emotions I felt while reading what could’ve been his last texts, and trying to do everything in my power to get him to hold our bond strong enough to reconsider his decision.”

He explains that the decision to make a reimagined version of the track came from the desire to portray a softer, but more haunting side of both the song and the band themselves. “We thought that creating this rendition would open up the ability for people to connect with our music on a deeper, more intimate level, and experience Hollow Front in a more vulnerable setting, artistically.”

Check out the track below:

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