With the release date to their upcoming EP drawing near, Like Moths To Flames release another teaser and this new track has left us with serious drum-envy. If you’ve never felt the urge to sit down behind the set, this track might just convince you. Seemingly unable to do anything wrong sonically, LMTF are on a roll.

Like Moths To Flames vocalist Chris Roetter expands that the single is about the struggle and seesaw nature of battling addition, whether that’s to substance or even unhealthy mindsets. “This song is the first time I’ve ever approached themes surrounding addiction,” he shares.

“I think I tried to put myself in a place of morbid euphoria. Writing from a spot that felt like I was stuck between wanting to be better and wanting to remain in the state of mind of feeding whatever is driving the addiction. The view from halfway down is that time when you’re falling, where very little time passes but you see so much of your life passing by.”

Check it out:

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