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Following on from their 2018 album, Division St, Ronx offered up another slice of pop punk with their new EP. Another Year & I’m Still Here see the New York pop punks incorporate a number of elements (we’re looking at you Saxl Rose) to really diversify their sound. To celebrate the one month anniversary of AYISH, we chat to Ronx about recording it and more.

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Let’s pretend you’re setting up a dating profile here – tell us about the band.

Josh: We’re animal lovers, love Blink-182, and are a pop-punk music group from The Bronx, NY.

Do you remember your first music-related goosebumps moment? Can you share it with us?

Miguel: My first ever goosebumps moment was definitely hearing Ed Sheeran when I was 15 for the first time and thinking to myself “this is how I want to sound as a musician.” I ended up not sounding like him at all, but just hearing him sing and flow just gives me the chills.

If you could pick one artist as an honorary band member, who would it be?

Miguel: Definitely Travis Barker, nuff said

Josh: Or Maybe Kenny Hoopla, to be honest

“New York punk trio Ronx are taking us on board a time machine back to the good old days of late ’90s and early 2000s punk rock”


What’s the coolest thing a fan’s ever done for you?

Miguel: One time someone made art for us – Rick and Morty style – and it was pretty dope!

You recently released Another Year & I’m Still Here. Who did you work with and what was it like in the studio?

Miguel: We worked with Randy Pasequallera as engineer/producer and our new member Alexy Perez on lead guitar. It was an awesome experience, two very musically inclined guys adding their love and taste for music made our songs sound 1000% better. But other than that, being in a studio is the best place to be, in my opinion… just being surrounded by people that love what you do and seeing your song fully finished from start to finish.

Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world)… is a hotdog a sandwich?

Miguel: Glizzys are definitely a sandwich… like, have you ever eaten a hotdog with 2 bread slices cause you didn’t have no more hot dog buns?? They taste the same!




Rising to the challenge, Ronx have put together an electrifying collection of songs that best encapsulates the artists and music that inspire them as a band.


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