Moldy Roses

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Listening to SoCal pop punks might harken back memories of 90s bass-driven, attitude-rich bands like Blink and Alkaline Trio, but Moldy Roses are adding their own flavour to it as they drag it into 2021. We chat to frontman, Quintin Manchester about new music, inspiration and more.


Moldy Roses

Explain the band name – wrong answers only. Also tell us a little more about how long you’ve been going for, the music you play and more.

Simply put, the name Moldy Roses is inspired by a sort of ‘Momento Mori’ ethos; where the push and pull of opposites forces the world to keep turning. A flower is “born to grow and grow and to die.”

We all got together around October of 2019, played one show in February 2020 and at that point we hadn’t even officially agreed on a name….and then the pandemic hit… we just wanna write catchy tunes that people want to him along to!

Do you remember that lightbulb moment where you realised music was what you wanted to do?

When I was five-years-old I played T-ball in a league for the first time and I hated it. I remember getting in trouble for wearing my hat backwards in the outfield and thinking how lame that was because when I was out skateboarding with my cousins and my friends, I could do whatever I wanted and there was nobody telling me what to do. So from then on, I kind of gravitated towards skateboarding and music.

“With a sound inspired by the snotty pop-punk jams of the late ’90s, Moldy Roses is a new band featuring some hardcore scene musicians.”

Who’s on your Mount Rushmore if it was a music memorial and why?

Our Mount Rushmore will probably look like some kind of Toxic Avenger caricature considering we’d like to smash The Descendents all into one face, probably George Washington’s, because they are definitely the founding fathers for us and what we grew up on. And then you got all the dudes in Blink mashed up there then  I’d like to throw in The Clash. And lastly no doubt; Townes Van Zandt

You’re working with Wiretap to release your debut EP. That’s huge! What has that process been like?

Wiretap is the greatest; so much love and support for the scene. They put out some of our favorite bands and they really are an integral part of the local music scene out here in Southern California. Super stoked to be welcomed with open arms.

It was produced by Kyle from Spanish Love Songs right? Why him?

We’re all good friends with Kyle and really big fans of Spanish Love Songs. Kyle for sure intuitively knew what we were going for with this first batch of songs, which is always a plus. His work ethic in the studio is insane and for him to have been able to keep us focused and productive with nothing but a wooden paddle with tiny little holes drilled in it, a whip, and a sock full of wood screws is, in and of itself, a GODDAMN miracle. Thanks Kyle! 💕

Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world)… clowns, fun or creepy?




Rising to the challenge, Moldy Roses have put together an electrifying collection of songs that best encapsulates the artists and music that inspire them as a band.

Moldy Roses

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