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Having toured with the likes of  Motionless in White, Beartooth, Underoath, The Plot in You, Like Moths to Flames, Sharptooth and more, LIMBS are carving out a place in the hardcore scene with their exciting blend of melody and assault. We chat to vocalist Austin McAuley and guitarist Jordan Hunter about dream collaborations, stories from the road and the songwriting process.

Photos: Chris Klumpp


LIMBS - by Chris Klumpp

Tell us a little about yourself. Where the name came from, how long you’ve been going for and anything else new fans would want to know.

Jordan: We’re LIMBS! We’re an American post-hardcore band originally from Florida. Our members are all spread out these days though, so that’s not an entirely accurate statement anymore. The name was a result of a legal dispute regarding our previous moniker. The name itself is derived from the horror-based lore centered on The Tall Man (i.e. The Operator/Slenderman, The Thin Man, Phantasm, The Crooked Man, etc.) – in which the character has incredibly long and/or pronounced limbs. We made our debut under this name in late 2014. We want to let fans know that there is more new music coming!

Going way back to the beginning, can you recall your first memories of music?

Austin: My earliest memory of making a connection with music has to be sitting behind my grandfather’s drum kit, around the age of 5 and trying to mimic how he would play. I couldn’t even reach the kick pedal but I was already hooked.

Who’s on your wishlist of artists that you’d love to collaborate with and/or open for on tour?

Austin: That’s such a tough one to answer because there are so many artists that I admire and am such a fan of. But, if I have to pick: dream collab with Sam Carter and Dan Searle of Architects and dream tour would be with August Burns Red. 

Jordan: I would love to co-write/collab alongside producer Dan Lancaster. Dream tour would be something ridiculously mix-genre’d like Coheed & Cambria, or Death Cab for Cutie. If I was staying within the realm of post-hardcore giants, I’d probably choose Alexisonfire.

“…if LIMBS keep going in this direction, don’t be surprised to hear the name a lot more often.”


Speaking of live shows, what’s your favorite story from a show so far?

Jordan: It isn’t so much a detailed story as it is just an overall description of an enjoyable show… but one time, on a tour, we played at a resort / casino type thing in Pennsylvania. This place was massive – had multiple floors, a movie theater, a bunch of restaurants and food courts, a casino the size of three [American] Football fields, and a hotel with over 300 rooms! The show was INSANE; so many people. It’s the only show I’ve ever played where when we were done playing, I was able to just walk up to my hotel room on the same complex and shower.  

You recently released your latest single, ‘Empty Vessel’. Austin, you spoke a little about how it was inspired by your personal life. Can we talk a little about the themes and how challenging or cathartic putting pen to paper was?

It’s always a challenge to convey my feelings through songwriting, because my mind constantly races and I always want to find the perfect way to share my thoughts and emotions with the listener. Empty Vessel is full of distress, vulnerability, and a clear desire to have one’s voice heard. And putting pen to paper, collecting these feelings, is always therapeutic for me as an artist. Writing out parts, finding the right phrase to express my viewpoints and bringing multiple ideas together to form a song is ultimately a healthy release for my mental health. Music keeps me sane, to say the least.

Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world) pineapple on pizza?

Austin: In the great words of Randy Jackson from American Idol, “That’s gonna be a no for me, dawg.” 

Jordan: Pineapple and pepperoni is my favorite combo on pizza… so I have to answer this with a resounding YES. Bring on the hate, I don’t care.



Rising to the challenge, LIMBS have put together an electrifying collection of songs that the band have had on repeat lately.

LIMBS - by Chris Klumpp

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