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With their second album – released at the tail end of March – IMMERSE have taken the ferocity of their debut and spliced it with atmospheric tracks that showcase not only their diversity, but also the immense talent between them. We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with guitarist Tim Brown to chat about The Weight That Holds Me Here and more.



Explain the band name – wrong answers only. Also tell us a little more about how long you’ve been going for, the music you play and more.

We wanted a name that wouldn’t limit us to a certain genre – IMMERSE is a strong and bold name that symbolises our passion and drive for what we do. We started the band at the end of 2018. Our music is a nice mix of heavy riffs, catchy choruses and carefully sculpted ambient sections. As you’ll discover on our new album, we love being diverse whilst keeping a cohesive sound on our releases. We pride ourselves on a killer live show so make sure you get down to a gig once it’s safe to do so!

Do you remember that lightbulb moment where you realised music was what you wanted to do?

I remember watching Glastonbury festival with my dad when I was about 11 years old and thinking – I would absolutely love to run around on stage playing music as a career. From that moment onwards, I started playing Guitar and delving into production in both the studio and live environment. I think the whole experience of a live show is so special and I miss it so much. The pandemic has really shown me what I’ve taken for granted and I’m excited to go into the future with a refreshed outlook on life.

““Mixing big melodic echo drenched choruses and emotive guitar buildups with the punch of hardcore, it’s a powerful and uplifting finish to an impressive sophomore record.”


What’s the coolest show you’ve ever played?

Our show at Astra Strube in Hamburg was so insane. It’s a small venue but was rammed with an energetic crowd. Everyone was singing along and moshing at every opportunity. We love Germany and would love to tour over there again soon. 


You recently released The Weight That Holds Me Here (congratulations). What inspired you to write it?

Cheers! It’s been a long time coming. The album was actually written and recorded before the pandemic, so its been a very long wait to share it with our fans. It was written at a time when each of us were going through tough times in our lives. We came together to create this album and it’s such a special collection of songs. Themes of anger, loss & distance are the fuel of the album. ‘The Weight That Holds Me Here’ is definitely a lot darker than our debut album ‘Suffer’.

You mentioned you wanted to be more involved in the making of this album. Why was that important to you?

As I mentioned earlier, I love the production side of music and I really wanted to make this album as personal as possible. Getting hands on with the recording process and creating my own samples was really enjoyable. I think it’s important to do as much as possible with the songs that you’re writing. It helps achieve the desired tone and feel of the record. No producer is going to put in the same amount of time and effort that you would into your own creations. It was great to work with various producers along the way to get their opinions on the tracks and bounce ideas off of. The result is something that we’re very proud of. 

Who’s on your Mount Rushmore if it was a music memorial and why?

Here’s a weird mix for you:

Tom Searle – Architects were one of the first bands that I really got into. I wish I could have met him as he came across so funny and humble in interviews. He is a legend and will always be remembered. 

Freddie Mercury – Queen have an unbelievable amount of bangers that will live on forever. Easy choice!

Elvis – The king of rock and roll. Would be crazy if he wasn’t up there. 

Jim Root – He’s alive but he’s my favourite Guitarist of all time and his beard would look epic carved into the mountain haha.

Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world)… clowns, fun or creepy?

Creepy. 100%.



Rising to the challenge, Immerse have put together an electrifying collection of songs that best encapsulates the artists and music that inspire them as a band.


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