Introducing: Fluorescents

For Fans Of: The Story So Far / Four Year Strong / The Wonder Years

There’s something extremely satisfying about a band with multiple vocalists (the more the merrier right?) and Chicago band, Fluorescents, show us exactly how it’s done by sharing singing duties between three of its members. Not only that, but this hotly tipped four-piece also break beyond what’s expected in pop punk by fusing genres and venturing a little further beyond standard chord progressions and melodies. We chat to them now about iconic bands and more.

Photos: Luke Kranenburg


Explain the band name – wrong answers only. Also tell us a little more about how long you’ve been going for, the music you play and more.

Tyler: The band name sort of just came to us but I have a feeling the “half-lit fluorescents” lyric in The Wonder Year’s tune ‘Came Out Swinging’ solidified it. We’ve been a band for a little over three years. Our main genre is pop-punk but we incorporate ez-core, skate-punk & a bunch of other genres into our sound. 

Do you remember that lightbulb moment where you realised music was what you wanted to do?

Tyler: For me it was probably the first time I saw Linkin Park on the Meteora Tour. I was like 9 years old & that experience rocked my world!

Bobby: I think I’ve always wanted to do music as a career since I was about 15, but if I had to pin point a “lightbulb moment” it was when we shot our first music video. Seeing the video for the first time was surreal, and I remember thinking “this is it, we can make this dream happen”.


There’s a new EP on the way right? Can you give us an idea of what to expect?

B: Expect a lot of the three vocalists on this one! It’s a good mix of me, Tyler, and Sasquel. I feel like we’ve done a good job of finding our sound in that way and utilizing all of us the best we can. I also think there’s more of an old school pop punk vibe on this one. We’re all very excited to release this EP, and I think we all agree that it’s our best work yet. 

T: I’m gonna say it’s a good combination of the drive & energy from our latest EP mixed with the depth & production from our first EP! All three vocalists get their chance to shine & it’s easily our most rockin’ material yet!

Who’s on your Mount Rushmore if it was a music memorial and why?

B: Blink-182, Four Year Strong, A Day to Remember, and Green Day. These are the bands that influenced me the most in our genre, I don’t think I’d be playing music if it weren’t for these four bands.

T: Chester Bennington, Parker Cannon, Patrick Stump, & Billie Joe Armstrong because they’ve been my biggest influences as a songwriter & vocalist.

What’s the coolest show you’ve ever played?

T: We threw a Pop-Punk Xmas show back in 2019 with some killer bands & almost sold out Subterranean in Chicago which is pretty dank for a bunch of local bands. 

B: Cubby Bear was a blast! Had the most fun at that show.

Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world)… clowns, fun or creepy?

B: Both! Depends on how you look at it. However I’d lean more towards creepy. IT really scarred me as a child 🤣

T: Creepy, lol.



Rising to the challenge,Fluorescents have put together an electrifying collection of songs that best encapsulates the artists and music that inspire them as a band.

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