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A band since 2014, Felicity have explored many avenues of inspiration in their music over the years. At times infused with pop punk energy before switching it up to embrace hardcore elements, the band have released two new singles this year that see them lean further into their post-hardcore side. We chat to them about one of those singles, ‘Hit and Run’ and more.

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Let’s pretend you’re setting up a dating profile here – tell us about the band.

– NOT over 6ft tall
– 5 nerdy guys half decent at their instruments
– Will crack a joke at the wrong time

But in all honesty, we’re a band who really don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have as much fun as possible. We try to create music that we’re proud of while also being something people can relate to, resonate with, and enjoy seeing live. Music has impacted our lives in such a positive and meaningful way, and we want to be the band that create similar great memories for people.

Do you remember your first music-related goosebumps moment? Can you share it with us?

I’d have to go with the first time we played House of Blues here in our hometown of Orlando, FL. It was like a Wayne’s World moment because we felt like we weren’t worthy of playing there AT ALL, but it was such a gratifying experience that we’re incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of.

If you could pick one artist as an honorary band member, who would it be?

Probably Post Malone so we could actually make a living playing music, but if he declines the offer then Freddie Mercury would be a strong runner up.

What’s the coolest thing a fan’s ever done for you?

That’s a tough question because our fans are some of the most genuine and generous people we’ve ever met, but some of our favorite things were…

 – The insane care package we received while on tour
– Our van broke down and they paid to fix it
– Getting our logo and lyrics tattooed on them

Breakout Band – DIY Warped Tour Champs Heating Up The Scene…”

Rock Sound

You recently released ‘Hit and Run’ which was inspired by a pretty scary event right? Did it offer some catharsis writing about it?

It definitely did! We had been internalizing so much anger and frustration for over a year when we wrote ‘Hit and Run’. Long story short, while on tour we were involved in a very serious hit and run car accident where the perpetrator fled the scene after hitting us. Luckily, everyone was okay, some bumps and bruises but *our vehicle was NOT okay* (cue the MCR song). It made us realize how close we were to potentially losing one another and how easily one of us could have passed away that night and the driver of the other vehicle left without even a second thought. We ended up staying up at night wondering if the other driver ever wonders “did I kill someone that night?” Did they read the newspaper to see if anyone died in the crash that night? Do they even care? On top of everything the police didn’t even really care… we aren’t anybody, our parents aren’t rich, and we were from out of town, so the Local Police Department didn’t do anything to ever try and catch the perpetrator, so basically this guy totaled our car, almost killed us, and got away with with nothing but a busted up pickup truck. We channeled all of these emotions into the writing and performance of the song.

You signed with Adventure Cat Records, what has that process been like for you?

It’s been a weird process to be sure. We recorded our latest batch of songs in 2019 and we went into 2020 all ready to “TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”… Spoiler alert: that didn’t really happen. We got the masters to the songs in January 2020 and we played our final show before lockdown on March 12th 2020. After that the entire music industry shut down. So many record labels weren’t even signing new bands until touring opened up. However, Adventure Cat Records and Mike Kaminsky was one of the first people to say “hell yes, I want to put out this record” and that was always so special to us. We’ve watched the growth of the label first hand being in Orlando and watching the rise and growth of a band like Capstan who signed to Adventure Cat and then moved to Fearless Records. Our dream has always been to have a team around us that believes in us as much as we believe in ourselves and we feel we’ve absolutely found that with Adventure Cat.

Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world)… is a hotdog a sandwich?

We will answer something that’s controversial yet so brave… it’s neither.



Rising to the challenge, Felicity have put together an electrifying collection of songs that best encapsulates the artists and music that inspire them as a band.


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