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Praised by Mind Noise Network for “pushing a genre in a slightly different direction”, AM0RA are indeed showing great iniative in creating post-hardcore for the modern age. By mashing the emotional vulnerability of bands like Touché with a Movements-esque melody on latest song, ‘Girl’s Night’, they’re creating this sort of uplifting emo post-hardcore sound that’s earmarking them as a serious band to watch this year. We speak to the band about the past, future and everything in between.



Tell us a little about yourself. Where the name came from, how long you’ve been going for and anything else new fans would want to know.

We want new fans to know that we make music that we makes us happy and if it makes you happy thats awesome!  Thank you for joining us for the ride.

Can you recall your very first memory of music?

Its hard to really pinpoint one time, a lot of us grew up in school band or had to learn an instrument when we were kids. Also, band culture and “guitar music” was so prominent in our upbringing so it was pretty unavoidable.  I think the main turning point was when we were all teenagers and started going to local shows at VFWs, YMCAs, and basements. We all kinda fell down that rabbit hole at the same time.

Their unique style, attention to detail and passionate performances in the studio sold me from day one. Not only have I seen what they can do in a controlled setting but I’ve seen them where they excel: the stage. Am0ra delivers a high energy show that raises the heart rate of everyone in the room.

Who’s on your wishlist of artists that you’d love to collaborate with and/or open for on tour?

To open for on tour definitely Touché Amore, Enter Shikari, and any Dave Grohl project, he writes the hits. It would rule to collab with Julien Baker… who also writes the hits. 

Speaking of live shows, what’s your favourite story from a show so far?

Our record Release show, we played at our local VFW.  It was such a huge goal when we we’re younger and it seemed so unattainable at the time.

What’s next for AM0RA? Is there some new tunes on the horizon?

We are currently in the studio with Fred Mascherino (The Color Fred, ex-Taking Back Sunday) wrapping up a new EP that we plan to release later this year.


Settle an argument for us (and the rest of the world) pineapple on pizza?

There ain’t no pineapples in Sicily.



Rising to the challenge, AM0RA have put together an electrifying collection of songs that best encapsulates the artists and music that inspire them as a band.


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