Following on from their set at Download Pilot Festival, new(ish) kids on the block, HOT MILK, are back with another irresistible single.  ‘I Think I Hate Myself’ comes from their upcoming EP, due for release in September.

“When we sat down to write this, life was bleak.” says co-vocalist Jim.  “Touring had stopped, people were dying and whatever purpose and path I had in life became obsolete. I’d never had to properly deal with sitting down with my thoughts as company. I was angry a frustrated at myself. I knew Han was in the same place, so this concoction of self loathing and desperation began to write itself.”

“The song is the anthem of my life. I don’t know why I do these things to myself but I just self-sabotage and hope it’ll make a difference when it never does.” says Han.  “For me, this is cathartic and it’s my truth, the saddest realist song dressed up in a happy melody. Fuck it, yeh I hate myself but now I’m at rock bottom you can’t take anything else, and you will never stop me singing.’

Check out the video below:

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