Happy.’s track by track guide to Imposter Syndrome

With Imposter Syndrome officially out there, we caught up with Happy. frontman Tate Logan to take us behind the lyrics of each song on their brand-new, second album.

Welcome to the Imposter Syndrome track-by-track.

Sick Is the New Sane:

This song is about the struggle of balancing an “internet personality” with real life as an artist and musician. When you are an artist you have an obligation to uphold a certain amount of attention and interest online.

It’s about feeling detached from real life due to constantly feeling the need to be present online and the effect it has on my psyche and mental health. The guilt I feel towards my friends and family for being on social media all the time battles with the guilt I feel towards the fans if I’m not posting and engaging.

A Cure For Wellness & Background Noise:

These two songs are about the same subject matter. A Cure For Wellness was written first, and Background Noise later. Cure feels like the part 1, and Background Noise like the part 2 to this experience. Both songs focus on the story of someone very close to me that I love very much struggling with addiction. A Cure For Wellness is the early stages of that. It describes the anger, frustration and resentment that I felt in the beginning. It was an outlet for me surrounding the lies and manipulations that occurred during the darkest moments of the addiction. However, now my loved one is clean and has been for a while. They have completely regained control of their life and I couldn’t be happier. Background Noise is a reflection of the experience from my side. It is a song full of forgiveness and understanding and love. After a lot of time and thought, I realize now how I could have handled the whole thing better.


This is just a simple, sweet love song about wanting to spend all day in bed with your significant other and ignore all other responsibilities. When you get home from touring and haven’t seen your partner in weeks, all you want to do is be with them.


This song is a super straight forward track about depression. I didn’t want to use any metaphors or euphemisms in this song because I’m not ashamed of my depression. It’s a real thing that a lot of people deal with. I wanted to be as honest and blunt about my experience with it as possible. It’s kind of like my own personal anthem/reminder to get my shit together.

Dull Boy:

This song is about the come up of our band from day one to now. From playing house shows, to bars, actually touring and playing real venues. It’s about giving everything up to make music and travel. We love what we do and the song is an ode to the moments when we feel at our highest.

After School Special:

This song is about the journey of figuring out who you are in terms of gender and sexuality. It’s a story about loving someone so much that you gain the courage to be who you really are.

April is for Fools:

This song is about a very close friend of mine who I lost to suicide my freshman year of college. We played in a band together and cohosted a radio show together. This song is actually a re-recording of an old song from our first EP. It meant so much to us that we wanted to give it new life on this record.

June Gloom:

This is a song about fighting with your significant other so much that you feel like you’ll never reach a resolution. Sometimes you go through rough patches where you just want to pack up all your shit and leave. But a good relationship should be given time and effort to fix things in a healthy way.

Black Picket Fence:

This was written the fastest out of all the songs on the entire record. It is extremely personal and we’ve never made a song like this before. It is about being with someone and wanting to give them the world, and them supporting your dreams and loving you no matter what. This is a very special song on the record and we think it will resonate with a lot of people in relationships.

Listen to new Happy. tracks and more on our New Music playlist!

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