From the Road with Danny Harvey

Danny Harvey is a tour manager, sound engineer and production manager who also works within artist management. He has worked front of house for Beartooth, Silverstein, Cancer Bats, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, The Amity Affliction, Senses Fail, Hawthorne Heights, Hellions, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me and many more. He has, most recently, also dipped into artist management where he’s been working with Heart of Gold, River Becomes Ocean, LIMBS and Summer Wars and started a website called Sonic Workshops (, where you can book in mentoring sessions with individuals to learn more about the music industry and start that career.


Danny Harvey

How did you get into your role?

I started a studio down in Cornwall when I was 16 which developed my interest in sound engineering. I then moved to Brighton for university where I studied Music Production. After university I got a job at the local venue, Green Door Store doing live sound which grew my interest for live sound and from there I met a bunch of like-minded people which led me to touring. My first tour was with the band Set Your Goals, supporting Cancer Bats and Every Time I Die. Since then, it’s a been an adventure of meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of?

On tour I guess? As right now because of the ole COVID, my day is very different. Either way though, it starts with coffee, always starts with coffee. 

The last tour I did, I would wake up at 9:30am to start unloading the truck at 10am. This would involve using the local hands and all our crew, pushing cases to where they needed to go. Once everything was inside, I would start setting up my audio world, this includes monitors as well as Front of House (FoH). We had big stage decking on this tour, the first thing on stage to be built, and from there the instruments would go up before all the cables. This normally took us till around 1pm where the band would come in and soundcheck. 

After soundcheck is normally my chill time before the show starts. Depending on where we are and the weather, I always try my hardest to get out of the venue and go see the city we are in and try to get some food. 

I would be back at the venue in time for change over, I would go to FoH and put our changeover playlist on and then head to stage to make sure everything is ready for show. 

After the show, we do the whole morning but in reverse, but sometimes I’ll have a beer in my hand instead of a coffee. We normally finish around 12/1am, depending on the load out and where the truck is parked. After load out I would normally head back to the bus, chill with everyone before heading to my bunk.

Danny Harvey

What’s a good starting point for anyone reading this hoping to get into what you do or any crew role?

Get out there and meet people, get involved in anything you can and try to make sure to leave a lasting impression on that band/person, so that when they do need someone that does what you do, they’ll remember you.

What are some of the essentials you need on the job? Say you had Batman’s utility belt, what would go in there?

For FoH – Headphones/IEMs, USB stick, phone/ipod, talk back mic 

Managing – Laptop and charger (charger maybe being the most important)

Is there one tour/show/moment that stands out above the rest?

There’s been a few for different reasons, anytime I am far away in a crazy place, be it Australia, Hawaii, Japan or China, I have always been like… wow, I’m here… doing this…

And then also Wembley Arena in January 2019 and then headlining Roundhouse, both times, mixing Beartooth, obviously both iconic venues so it was just a nice career highlight. 

Danny Harvey

If you could have dinner with five people who’s either inspired you or who you’d consider a muse, who would it be?

That’s a hard one, I guess it would be people I would just like to meet and have a chat with: Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joe Armstrong, Ben Gibbard… and that’s where I start struggling, five people is a lot… everyone I have met along the road while touring have inspired me and right now I would love to have dinner with any of them.

Any other tips?

Be kind, be friendly, care about what you’re doing and try to network with people. I believe in karma, so do good things and good things will happen.

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