Fit For A King have dropped another huge single. True to title, ‘Annihilation’ is mega-heavy and filled with the frenetic energy that the metalcore giants have become known for.

“Annihilation is about welcoming the destruction of who you are, in order to build up to something better. There are definitely times we can improve and fix the issues we have, but sometimes, a fresh start is what we need, and in order to do that, we have to start from the ground up,” shares frontman Ryan Kirby on the new track.

‘Annihilation’ joins previously released singles ‘Locked (In My Head)’, ‘God of Fire’ and ‘Breaking The Mirror’ from the band’s forthcoming new album The Path due on September 18, 2020.

“In the past, we have dove into some pretty dark areas of life, with Dark Skies being the pinnacle of hopelessness. With ‘The Path’ we find our way out, and claim victory over the demons we have faced and are currently facing. This album is made to be the soundtrack for your victory over what mentally, and physically holds us back.”

Check out the new Fit For A King track below:

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