Felicity’s track-by-track guide to Dear Universe

With their accomplished debut officially out there, we caught up with FELICITY to take us behind the lyrics of each song on their brand-new album.

Welcome to the Dear Universe track-by-track.

FELICITY deliver a really authentic and contagious debut album that speaks not only volumes of their talent, but their ability to use genres as a real drive to convey emotion and set the mood without letting it muddle their sound.” Read the rest of our review.

Carpe Diem – Ignite:

Oh boy, we are so proud of this song. The most unique thing about “Ignite” is that it was written from scratch in the studio with the help of our producer Andrew Wade. As we were progressing through the songs we realized that we wanted a big anthem to kick off the album. We needed it to sound ENORMOUS and set the tone for the rest of the record. This song is also very near and dear to our hearts because it has our first ever feature (Dan Marsala, Story of the Year) on the 2nd verse. It was a dream come true for us to have Dan on the record (it still blows our mind!) and we truly love this song and we hope you do too!

Hit And Run:

This is a song about the lawless behavior of people at times through a hit and run incident we fell victim to while driving home from a show one night. Luckily we all made it out unharmed but it was a crazy experience to go through as a band and being able to put all that anger and emotion in this song was very therapeutic in a sense. We hope this track brings light on the topic of people understanding the consequences of their actions, and how that can affect others.


The original concept for this song was based around society’s addiction to our phones and technology. The final version of it embodies more of the mental states that someone is going through while battling the back and forth nature of addiction. The wants and the needs that come with whatever it is you are holding onto ring through in the verses, and the outcry of wanting to end the bad habits are belted in the chorus.

Ghost Town:

The core of this song is the process of letting go of a relationship that’s deteriorating in its final stages. We’ve all experienced a friendship or relationship that has been very fulfilling for a period of time, and then has had to end due to stress and strain. It’s not a pleasant time for any of us. When it’s a connection that you care about and have fought for, having to give up never feels right even when it is.

You Got This:

This song is really for people to push through any barriers in their life that are stopping them or telling them they aren’t good enough. “Remember that a winner, is a loser who just tried one more time” is always a line that sticks with us because we’ve always persevered through our difficulties and found a way to come out the better for it. 

The Weather:

The Creme de la Crop! This is one of those songs where you bash your head against a wall trying to figure out where you’ve heard it before because it’s just so damn catchy. We really went above our limitations and ventured outside the bounds of our comfort zone trying to experiment with different sounds and influences for each section. There’s just something about it that feels familiar and welcoming, and it’s by far the most fun the play!

Wish You Weren’t Here:

We like to think of this song as the perfect blend of “everything people love” about FELICITY. It has all the energy, sing-along choruses, wicked guitar riffs, and comical yet serious subject matter you’d expect from us. Sitting nicely on the fence between pop-punk and rock, it’s probably the most accessible song we’ve written yet!

Lonely Nights:

What great album doesn’t have a sad-boy anthem!? This song was very out of the box for us but has become one of the most accepted tracks we’ve released. When it first starts you think, “Oh, a nice acoustic song” then BAM!, driving guitars and chuggy rhythms just dominate the rest of the song with super poppy choruses and melodic harmonies between the vocals and instruments.

Highs & Lows:

This song very much has to do with celebrating the good and bad moments with your significant other. Understanding that it’s incredible to have those beautiful moments but sometimes the sad moments are the ones that really test you and are just as impactful for the greater good of your relationship.

C’est La Vie:

This whole record is about the experiences we all went through either collectively or individually in the recent years, so the meanings behind each song are extremely personal to us, but this song might hold the most weight (alongside ‘Hit And Run’) in terms of life-altering events that shaped us to who we are today. It’s about the death of one of our parents and through the song it tells the story of the life shared between them by sharing fond memories and the thoughts and emotions that still reside today about it.

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Photos by Tony Catalano

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