Back with not only a new single, but a truly entertaining music video, Felicity are gearing up for the release of the forthcoming album.  

“What’s really amazing about ‘The Weather’ is that we feel like it’s one of those songs that is so different yet somehow so familiar at the same time,” the band shares. “Through the synths and production elements sprinkled throughout the hooks to the campfire sing-along chorus, we wanted each section to feel like it was building up to this monumental moment while showcasing its personality.

The song is about emotional trauma, but we didn’t want to use the old “oh, she hurt me” type of imagery like we’ve done a thousand times before. That’s when we thought of the idea to use the actual seasons in place of girl’s names, almost like we were giving weather a personality, so it’s also the most clever song lyrically that we’ve ever written.” 

About the video, they add, “The music video is kind of like if ‘Cast Away’ and ‘50 First Dates’ had a weird baby, but they discovered later on that it was swapped at the hospital with ‘A Quiet Place’. Most of our music videos have always been performance based so to shoot a video that was 90% storyline was such a rewarding experience.”

Watch the video below: 

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