Introducing alumni, Felicity, have announced their debut album, Dear Universe. Additionally, they’ve shared another single, with accompanying music video, called ‘You Got This’.

“For our first ever full-length LP, we couldn’t be any more proud of ourselves both individually and as a band,” the band shares. “We are beyond grateful to have the support of such an incredible team of true professionals around us to help give ‘Dear Universe’ the life it deserves.” 

They continue: “We wrote ‘Dear Universe’ from the hearts of the five of us with each song telling the story from some of the greatest moments of our lives to the most tragic of experiences we’ve ever faced. We allowed ourselves to become completely vulnerable by getting out of our comfort zone and writing songs that told the real story of who Felicity is.” 

On new single “You Got This,” they add: “This was kind of a ‘sweet-release’ for us to write because the message behind the song is about not giving up when difficulty looms upon us; to always push through when uncertainty challenges us. We wanted to write something that anyone could relate to and find inspiration from, so we used our own experiences and analogies from over the years that we personally had to overcome as a band and a family.”

Watch the brand new video for ‘You Got This’ below!

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