Exploring: Surface by Until We Get Caught 

After putting two releases to their name, the shift to a grittier sound the band have coined “whatevercore” came about organically when they started writing their forthcoming EP, Surface. Now within touching distance, unclean vocalist Aleks Gersham talks about that very album.

“This is a record we’ve had in our back pocket for a while actually! To say we’re excited is an understatement. With it being so close to the release date, we can hardly contain ourselves.

[Redefining our sound] was organic. We made the drive to Cleveland, Ohio to be with our producer Andrew Baylis. This record was originally going to be pop punk, but after fiddling around during the early stages of ‘Burn For Me’ in the studio, we decided to just swing for it with the new sound and it stuck!”

And lucky for us that it did, because it, in turn, brought about a fantastic collaboration with Sleeping With Sirens vocalist, Kellin Quinn. ‘Fading Out’ – their most recent single – has all the hallmarks of that sublime new metalcore sound the band have embodied before it hits you with a With Ears to See and Ears to Hear-era Kellin scream that elevates the song even further. How did that come about?

“He made a tweet asking for submissions which we saw a few days late, but we threw a Hail Mary and he got back to us!

Kellin is absolutely awesome to work with. It was all smooth sailing! He was so articulate and wanted to be precise when it came down to our music video for ‘Fading Out’”

Besides an impressive collaboration, the band have also signed to InVogue Records recently and we wonder what’s next for them and how they navigate the music industry still in the clutches of the pandemic.

“The pandemic did halt the music industry, but we were always prepared for it. You can find us involved in a lot of alternative scene communities online always promoting ourselves.

We just released a cover of ‘Falling’ by Trevor Daniel! As for what the future holds, come 2021 we definitely want to hit the road and make up for lost time. We’re already ahead of schedule working on a full length album!”

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