EP Review: Until We Get Caught – Surface

29 Jul, 2020

For a band who started out in pop punk, Until We Get Caught have made the shift to metalcore so comfortably that you wouldn’t think they existed in any other state before. And yet, it might be that very foundation that’s made their new EP, Surface, feel so accessible. 

‘Ghost’ sets the tone for the EP with a huge chorus that feels brutal but without the monotony that sometimes comes with metalcore. It’s layered and well structured to feel like something you can pump your fist along to. The double bass drum beat sets a really cool tempo as well, which seems to dictate the flow of the chorus instead of fading into the background like percussion so often can.

Considering how it’s probably one of our favourite collaborations of the year, ‘Fading Out’ has to be our standout track on Surface. Featuring Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn’s trademark scream over stabbing guitars and blended with both Aleks Gershman and Chris Brady.  

And then the album closes with ‘One Of Us’ which really feels like a tip of the hat to naughties crabcore like Attack Attack. It’s woven through the breakdown, the effects on the vocals in the chorus and there’s a distinct ‘Stick Stickly’ scream around two minutes in that plastered a smile onto our faces. 

At times, it feels as though they’re still finding their feet, but on the whole it’s a really enjoyable listen from a band with the potential to claim their place among metalcore’s rising bands. 

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