EP Review: Softspoken – Where The Heart Belongs

12 May, 2021

Whether it’s a universal thing or something prescribed solely to Team Alt Club, we can’t say, but when songs are sassy enough to get you out of your chair for a little shimmy around the office, then you know it’s getting a big thumbs up. And yeah, you wouldn’t necessarily associate post-hardcore with dancing, but Softspoken pack their newest EP to the brim with groove. Listen out for the dirrrrty bassline of opening track ‘Sleight of Hand’, only outgrooved by vocalist Sam Scheuer who can easily slot in alongside soulful singers like Jonny Craig, Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn.

So yes, he can obviously sing, and when his vocals intertwine with those of Eyes Set To Kill’s Alexia Rodrigues on the title track, ‘Where The Heart Belongs’, the two create magic. Harmonies aside, the instrumentation is also incredibly dynamic, ebbing and flowing to put the spotlight exactly where it needs to be at any given time. Because we believe the EP really comes alive on this track, we’ve nominated it as our standout track. Along with ‘Realign’, the fourth track (which features a sucker punch breakdown), Where The Heart Belongs shines brightest smack-bang in the middle where it reminds us a little of Isles & Glaciers. 

Softspoken have done heavy with their earlier stuff, stripped it back a little with 2019’s Deaf Perception, but it’s with Where The Heart Belongs that they really hit their stride. By combining those different iterations of themselves, they create something special. Everything from the lyricism to the breathing room they allow on this EP gets a big tick from us. If everything they’ve done so far has been sculpting something beautiful, Where The Heart Belongs is the moment they get to step back and admire their work. 

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