A Hundred Thousand TonguesSobriquet’s brand-new self-release – might only comprise of four songs, but like they say, dynamite comes in small packages and this one has a particularly loud boom. 

There was a golden age for metalcore throughout the naughties where bands like Haste The Day, Atreyu and Asking Alexandria ruled the scene with bold albums that sounded completely different to what was out there already. The contrast between what was often very melodic instrumentally and very guttural and unpolished vocally, made it shine. ‘HIGAMI’ – the opening track to A Hundred Thousand Tongues – can sit comfortably alongside those songs. It’s forceful and abrasive, but in the best way.

Listening to this EP will no doubt take you back a few years to reminisce about Aiden, Fearless Vampire Killers and Murderdolls as Sobriquet channel horror punk. And yet, the best thing about this EP isn’t who’ll it remind you of, but the unique spin Sobriquet has put on it.

With boundless energy, A Hundred Thousand Tongues is a weird and wonderful showcase of what this intense five-piece has to offer. 

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