EP Review: SeeYouSpaceCowboy X If I Die First – A Sure Disaster

12 May, 2021

Self-proclaimed ‘sasscore’ band, SeeYouSpaceCowboy have made a return with a split EP in collaboration with If I Die First, called A Sure Disaster.

The EP is a classic throwback to the mid-2000s metalcore/screamo MySpace-era sound which both bands already specialise in. It not only makes this the perfect mashup, but creates an explosive mix of emotional metalcore and hardcore reminiscent of bands like From First To Last, 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Drop Dead, Gorgeous. 

Production and performance value on this EP is second to none which goes a long way in capturing the old school metalcore sound. And then of course there’s vocalist Connie Sgarbossa demonstrating her range by bringing a vocal assault of throat shredding screams, helpless yells and moans. 

‘Painting A Clear Picture From An Unreliable Narrator’ has their signature frantic sound, with elements of Converge – and hints of self-destruction where the song builds up and breaks down over and over again. The EP bends genre and appears to constantly evolve into something new, creating moments for both the metalcore and post-hardcore listener here.

‘Modernising The Myth Of Sisyphus’ is a short, feral burst of aggression. We once again have no lack of classic inspired breakdowns, pick scrapes, along with dissonant, higher register guitar parts that add to the brutal and abrasive effect of the EP. 

‘bloodstainedeyes’ is definitely a highlight on the EP and sees the inclusion of If I Die First and continues the self-destructive pattern. The video for the song also features the two bands releasing their anger out on each other in a bloody brawl; the perfect visualisation of the energy of this track.

‘Mirror, Mirror This Is Nothing Like You Promised’ is a slower paced track with If I Die First co-vocalist, Lil Zubin, flexing his vocal abilities in the chorus, soaring against the heavy down-tuned guitars and perfectly offset against Lil Lotus‘ powerful screams.

To close off, ‘My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies’ offers a clean intro section but quickly builds into a distinct metalcore chorus, very inspired by the likes of Saosin with grief-ridden harmonic vocals, pounding drums and guitars. 

Overall, this could not have been better executed, doing the scenecore days justice. Gets us excited to see them in a small venue setting getting destroyed by the moshpit.

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