EP Review: Rose Crest – Bad Decisions

11 Aug, 2021


Alex Rolls


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Breaking out onto the emo/alternative scene just this year, Rose Crest, hailing from Dayton, Ohio, are set to release their new EP, entitled BAD DECISIONS, this Friday. The band have endured a plethora of hardships in the process of creating this EP, from line-up changes to overcoming addiction and health issues. The EP reflects that and more, there’s especially a theme of coming to terms with the bad mistakes you’ve made during your life. 

Vocalist Brandon Sorrell puts it as an EP “about doing the wrong thing, giving in to our urges, and making peace with the reality of our bad decisions. It’s challenged me creatively and vocally, and I’ve learned so much from the whole experience.” 

Naturally then that BAD DECISIONS would be rife with heartfelt lyrics from start to finish. Right off the bat, ‘Sinking Ship’ starts with a hooky riff that instantly pulls the listener in before giving way to an anthemic chorus practically written to be sang along to in a room full of people exorcising pent up emotions.

Following on from that, ‘The Fall’ – which was their debut single released back in March – continues the momentum with upbeat punching riffs, pounding drums, and huge singalong-style vocals very reminiscent of 2000s alt rock bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Circa Survive. Lyrics are once again sincere, focusing on the painful process of working through a toxic relationship, which listeners will hopefully be able to relate to and realise they’re not alone with their feelings.

‘Slow Down’ kicks off with a thundering drum beat, which carries the song for a while before the bass and driving guitars add to the fullness of the song. Sorrell’s lyrics are dark but relatable as he sings about struggling to move on from a bad relationship and drinking by himself to cope with the heavy feelings. The chorus is sad but uplifting at the same time, causing a nice juxtaposition with lyrics like “you’ve got me feeling braindead” reflecting the hardships of a struggling relationship. 

This is a great little EP, but ‘Keeping Pace’, the last track has to be our standout. Everything from the frantic guitar intro to the harmonies and structure adds layers, melody and a ton of emotion. Sorrell’s clever use of harsh vocals conveys the feeling of helplessness and desperation.

Overall, BAD DECISIONS is very relatable to anyone who has been handed the short end of the stick and establishes Rose Crest as one of those bands who act as a lifeline for fans who’re going through emotional hardships themselves. It is a great first look into what this band is offering and we can’t wait to hear more of the heart-wrenching, life-inspired lyrics and melody.

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