EP Review: Real Friends – Torn In Two

16 Sep, 2021

Back with their first music since the departure of vocalist Dan Lambert, the band prove that the spirit of Real Friends is still very much intact on EP, Torn In Two. “It’s really still the same mission,” affirms bassist Kyle Fasel. “We write songs you can connect to. We want those songs to be a part of your life as much as they’re a part of our lives.”

And if connection was the mission, then they achieved it solely by writing ‘Nervous Wreck’. Super relatable, on a personal level anyway, as they sing “A ghost in my reflection /I wanna see me again” as an ode to struggling with anxiety, this track is easily the standout on Torn In Two. In addition to the honesty of the lyrics, it has that trademark happy-sad sound that they’ve sort of become known for on past tracks like ‘From The Outside’. 

Elsewhere on the five-track, they keep the energy up with bouncy pop punk melodies on ‘Remedy for Reality’ and ‘Spinning’  before stripping it back on ‘Teeth’. Although different from Lambert’s (obviously) Cody Muraro’s voice is right at home and already feels familiar; his capacity for conveying raw emotion just as effective. 

Aside from five stunning tracks, you’ll also find a reimagining of each. They’re all pretty and just different enough to warrant an alternate version and, for someone who’s rarely sold on the idea of reworked versions, ‘Storyteller’ is truly enjoyable. With or without those additional five songs, Real Friends have done a commendable job on Torn In Two. Their music is their canvas and they continue to bleed all the bright highs and murky lows of life onto in a very relatable and sonically enjoyable way.

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