With a strong, established fanbase in their hometown of Calgary, there’s no reason for the trio in Only the Strong not to have the same global success as State Champs or Yours Truly does. They especially prove that with their upcoming five-track EP. 

Fractured has all the hallmarks of a great pop punk record; lyrics soaked in the tears following heartbreak, bouncy melodies, gang vocals, fade in intros, huge – and we mean massive – hooks, and those little warpy electronic elements that work brilliantly in transitions between verses. 

But Only the Strong go above and beyond just easy-listening pop punk by incorporating screams, which is especially impactful on ‘Burn’ and final track, ‘Hollow Eyes’. It’s the combination of those screams, a breakdown, keychange (who DOESN’T love a keychange?) and the pure euphoric melody of ‘Sinking Ships’ that make it our standout track on this EP. 

Throughout Fractured, the band are consistently tight and vocalist, Mason Brooks‘ rich tone makes the whole listening experience really enjoyable. With a strong start, even stronger ending, this EP proves that Only the Strong have shown up to claim their place among the pop punk elite.

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