EP Review: Crossfaith – SPECIES

20 May, 2020

Over the past decade, Crossfaith have amassed a huge following, not surprising when you look back on their proficient discography and that trademark ability to blend metal with hardcore and electronic elements. 

With their brand new EP, SPECIES, the band hints at a new era in the Crossfaith legacy and by moving away from concept albums like Ex Machina and putting more of a focus on conveying strong messages with every song, it feels achieved. 

With this new batch of songs, they’re taking a look around and talking about finding yourself, anger, jealousy, seeing people sell out and in “the most emotional Crossfaith song of all time”, ‘Your Song’ they deal with emptiness and sorrow. “It’s about farewell. I feel sadness but those emotions make me strong and teach me to not take things for granted.”

In true Crossfaith style, this EP includes a vocal appearance; this time from Japanese rapper Jin Dogg on the penultimate track ‘None of Your Business’. He does well channeling the anger on a track that’s already brimming with the pissed off attitude of vocalist Kenta Koie who says it’s a track telling people fuelled by jealousy to shut the hell up. 

‘Endorphin’ is the standout track; industrial elements driving it forward at a breakneck speed before the chorus breaks over you in a melodic wave.

SPECIES may not be very long, but it’s certainly enough to get fans excited for this new chapter.

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