With all the doom and gloom across the globe, we need a high energy band to sing and jump around to whilst pretending we sound anywhere near as good as the professionals. A Better Hand are that band, and Cheap Smokes and Champagne is the new five-track EP that puts their individual charm at the forefront. 

Opening track ‘Silhouettes’ starts us off with the same bouncing spirit that the band radiates, even though the lyrics tell the story of a break-up. This is a theme that veins throughout the EP, with ‘Autumn Leigh’ slowing things down slightly to represent the sincere and regretful lyrics.

Cheap Smokes and Champagne has a 00s alt-rock sound that most listeners would get a sense of nostalgia from, taking you back to the good ol’ days of festivals like Slam Dunk and Warped Tour. Seth Henderson (State Champs and Knuckle Puck) works his magic once again to produce pop-style beats that compliment  Jordon Salgado’s pop-punk vocals, and Kyle Kriegs and Taylor Allen’s rock instrumentals so well.By combining everything  love about alt-rock, a.k.a catchy songs about heartbreak, this is the perfect record for summer.  

With experienced rhythmic riffs and drums that deserve their own recognition, especially on ‘Wrong One’, it’s hard to believe they don’t have an extensive discography yet. It’s an EP that will be stuck in your head for weeks, but in the best way possible. It’s short, but then again, they do say you should always leave them wanting more and that 100% the case with Cheap Smokes and Champagne.

A Better Hand definitely know how to create something unique together whilst still highlighting each of the members individual talents, something that means we will no doubt be hearing more of them.

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