Emo pop rap hybrid Safehold releases ‘Loose Ends’

17 Jul, 2020

From the basement it was born and to the basement it shall return – at least if Safehold has anything to do with it. The Chicago upcomer is taking emo back to its roots by recording his forthcoming record in a basement, and yet, he’s also putting a really unique spin on it by blending it with rap and a touch of pop. The result is effortless. Get a taste of what to expect of Boyish by checking out ‘Loose Ends’. 

Safehold says, “Loose Ends lyrically was supposed to represent partying and young lust. I think this story represents my years in high school, when I would desperately try to cling on to cool people who did not care about me in the slightest.”

Listen to ‘Loose Ends’ by Safehold here: 

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