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Crossfaith has existed as an electric pulse within the metal scene for over a decade, always evolving concepts, visuals, sounds and ideas to be bigger and bolder. Now, having recently celebrated 11 years of their debut album, The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty, they welcome in a new era with SPECIES. We spoke to Kenta Koie about how they’re changing, Jin Dogg’s guest appearance and guilty pleasures.

The scoop

Species came out last week (congratulations!). You mentioned that it’s bringing in a new era, why is that? Have you approached this EP differently to what you’ve done before?

We founded our own label called Species Inc. and moved our management onto Far East Entertainment Inc, which is run by our manager since 2010, at the beginning of this year. We were feeling completely free before making this EP and we could try more varieties of electric sound like acid techno. Endorphin is one of the examples.

How did the collaboration with Jin Dogg come about? What did he bring to the track?

Jin Dogg is from Osaka, which is our home town in Japan. We knew him from a Japanese rap scene documentary called “Dirty Kansai” and I ran into him at a Verdy (Japanese Designer) pop up, and he wasn’t like a proper hype rapper at all, he was a chill guy. We asked him to guest voice for None Of Your Business while making this EP. He wrote his lyric in 30 minutes after he arrived in our studio, but his work was a phenomenon.

You worked with Jonathan Castro on the cover artwork – how important do you feel it is for setting the tone of the album?

As you know this is a new chapter for us, so we wanted to have our statement in each aspect of our products. We could see he’s trying to make art without a capitalist mindset, and we needed artwork that left behind what people see now.

Obviously touring isn’t really an option at the moment – do you think it’s forcing you to promote the EP in different ways?

If you ignore the physical aspect, anything is possible now. It’s about how to convert the activities into a way that fit the current coronavirus situation. Not degrading the quality, but creating a brand-new experience. 

So we’re focusing on how to convert the live show experience to online, and of course we keep creating videos, photos and words that inspire people.

You celebrated the 11th anniversary of your debut album last month. That’s such a huge milestone – did you look back on it and reflect how much you’ve achieved since?

Firstly I played a whole song from The Artificial Theory on that day, and I traced what I was thinking and feeling when we made this album. He was more technical than me haha.

Lightning round

What’s the first album you owned?
Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. We played with them at Vans Warped Tour 2013 Europe and I still can’t believe it.

What’s the last album you purchased / streamed?
I’ve been listening to Actual Life EP by Fred Again over and over these days. There are nostalgic vibes and something new as well. I just can’t stop listening to him.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I do love SEAL, I do sing Kiss from a Rose man.

An album that reminds you of home
An Orchestrated Rise To Fall by The Album Leaf. When I was young, when I started drinking alcohol, I was listening to this before I blackout. I keep doing this habit even now.

If you had to cover an album, what would it be?
In Motion by Copeland, my all-time favorite.

Settle the argument

Vinyl or Spotify?

Apple Music. Spotify put commercials between songs when I started using them, I know if I pay some money it goes away though. I’ve been using the iPod since I was 13, so I just feel fine with them.


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