It’s been a long time coming, but Paradise has arrived and it’s showing us versatility, creativity and deep complexity from this rising, award-nominated band. Cold Years, an alt-rock five-piece from Scotland fuses soaring aspects from Americana like Springsteen with the folk punk of Gaslight Anthem as they speak to the disaffected youth post-Brexit. 

Song after song, they prove they’re more than capable of writing great material and this collection comes together to form a cohesive and faultless record that shows an immense amount of promise and an insatiable hunger from a band who are destined for big things.

About it, vocalist Ross Gordon says, “Our hometown is a shithole,” Ross spits, with characteristically direct candour. “The album is called Paradise, because Aberdeen is definitely not a paradise. It’s horrible, it’s grey and it’s cold all the time. We all live and work here, and it’s not very happy, really. It’s quite morbid, when you stop to think about it. But at the same time, it’s home.”

Stream Cold Years’ Paradise below:

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