Check out the brand new track from Familiar things

8 Oct, 2021

The Philly pop punks in Familiar Things have today released their brand-new bop, ‘Wish You Well’ and it’s bursting with energy.

On the track the band say, “’Wish You Well’ has been in the process of being worked on for quite a while now. About two years ago, our guitarist Kevin came up with the chord progression to the song without a melody or lyrics, and a few of us tried to complete it. Eventually, Kevin was able to finish the song, and we started recording it at our other guitarist/producer Ty’s house. We slowly chipped away at it for a long time, but put it on the backburner when we decided to release our two feel-good summer songs on our recent EP “American Muscle”. In the meantime, we finished up “Wish You Well” and set it to release in the fall, which seemed appropriate with the changing of the seasons. This song is a return to our pop punk/emo roots that brought us together as a band, and is about a toxic relationship that is driven by anger and disdain where no one is on the right side of it. This is definitely our most angsty and emotional song that we’ve released to date, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Give ‘Wish You Well’ a spin below:

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