Breakaway announce EP with fervent new single

20 Aug, 2021

Aussie alt rockers, Breakaway, come with tidings of an upcoming EP, Death Valley, set for release next month. But that isn’t the only good news, the band have also just released their impassioned new single, ‘I’m Feeling Dead’.

“I’m Feeling Dead” is my favourite song on the EP and the song I’m most connected with.” explains vocalist Sam Biland.  “Despite what initial reactions might be, I wrote the lyrics before Covid or the word lockdown was ever mentioned. For me, the song is a reflection of how I often feel when I’m on my own for extended periods of time or haven’t heard from a friend in a while. I always overthink things and try to work out what I’ve done wrong even when there’s nothing wrong. I’m a pretty anxious person and sometimes it gets to me more than I want it to. I hope this song reaches the people who need to hear it, people like me that need to know they’re not the only ones who go through it.”

Recorded over the Covid-19 lockdown, the band describe making “Death Valley” as “the most fun, frustrating & therapeutic experience all at the same time”. They would be together and have moments of inspiration and then the next day couldn’t even hang out cause they were back in lockdown. Breakaway recorded the entire EP in a converted garage at guitarist Rich’s house where he self-produced so he could keep working on music whilst Sam refined lyrics at home.

Sam said, “We really focused on trying to have honest, open conversations between us about how we were feeling to make sure everyone’s mental health survived what the entire planet went through. For the first time, I felt comfortable enough to speak about how suffering with Bipolar made me feel, not just verbally to the rest of the band but through my lyrics.

Sing along by checking out the lyric video below:

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