Seemingly the year for collaborations, 2021 has spawned another dynamo team-up, this time from All Time Low and Pale Waves. The platinum-selling band released the new single, ‘PMA’ on the heels of ‘Once In A Lifetime’ and features Pale Waves singer, Heather Baron-Gracie.

All Time Low frontman, Alex Gaskarth elaborated on the collaboration, PMA is a journey into isolation and overstimulation. It’s about the little mundane things we do to keep ourselves distracted when loneliness becomes a constant and leaves us feeling apathetic. It’s existential dread wrapped in nervous laughter kissed by the SoCal sun. Heather and Palewaves joining us on this one quite literally brings the hopeful shine to the lyrics, the promise of safety in the shared experience, the understanding we’re all living it together.”

Baron-Gracie added, “I was really happy that Alex asked me to be on the track as I’ve always been a big fan of All Time Low and I loved the song when he sent it over. I really related to the themes, especially the exhausting worry that you’re never doing / being enough in life.”

Check it out below:

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