Album Review: Yours Truly – Self Care

17 Sep, 2020

2020 hasn’t been great; a statement we could probably all agree on. With everything going on, the need to buckle down and finally practice the ever-elusive self care we’ve been talking about for years, has never seemed more important. It’s been equally as important to Australian pop punks, Yours Truly who have nailed an album for the times with their debut – aptly named – Self Care

Self Care touches on anxiety, loss, breakups, imposter syndrome and beyond as the band hash through all the struggles they had been facing in the run up to this album. The result, instead of an anchoring experience, is something quite uplifting and safe that acts almost like that one thing you do to make yourself feel better after a hard day. Usually dig into a tub of ice cream? This is your Ben & Jerry’s. Go for a run? This is the rush of wind on your skin. Self Care is comforting.

Sonically, they might not be reinventing the wheel, but in an age where pop punk bands are trying so hard to do exactly that, it’s exciting to hear that classic Warped Tour brand of chugs and drum fills like New Found Glory or Alkaline Trio.  

‘Undersize’ slows things down five songs in and so does ‘Half Of Me’ a few tracks later, both giving us a chance to properly appreciate vocalist Mikaila Delgado’s warm tones.

As our standout track, the opener ‘Siamese Souls’ is a great introduction for what to expect of the following nine songs; hooks, spirit and complete joy. 

In what is easily one of our favourite pop punk albums we’ve heard in a long time, Self Care is an admirable debut signalling to a bright future for upstarts, Yours Truly.

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