It would be hard not to compare the Newcastle metalcore outfit to While She Sleeps – and that obviously wouldn’t be a bad thing either – but there is a significant difference; where the latter challenges you to observe the world around you, GroundCulture calls for introspection. 

Song after song dares the listener to defy perception and to start a journey of self-discovery, which not only makes for an empowering listen, but also an extremely relevant one. Lyrics like “when you connect with yourself, you connect with the power that you possess” couldn’t be more needed than in these trying times. 

Musically, it’s melodic metalcore at its best and honestly sounds like While She Sleeps and Architect’s lovechild. It goes hard, slaying with guitar riffs and breakneck drum rhythms that’ll no doubt tempt many fans into the pit at live shows. 

The album does close out with something more vulnerable, however; ‘10 10 1974’ is an acoustic number that showcases Roy Watson’s impressive Aaron Gillespie-esque vocals. Despite loving the aggressive punch of the rest of the album, the tenderness of this track – alongside Watson’s incredible voice – makes it a standout. 

Overall, How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? is a brilliant introduction to what is clearly a very talented band. 

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