Album Review: Decay – Staring At The Sun

8 Jul, 2020

Okay, so the very definition of emo (or emocore as it first started as a joke) is to saturate music with emotion, usually by writing heartfelt lyrics. Decay prove to be more thoughtful however, not only using lyricism as a vehicle to drive it home, but also showcasing clever songwriting. 

There’s a beautiful, instrumental ebb and flow throughout that you can easily attribute to the highs and lows of the human condition. Speaking of the album, vocalist Danny Reposar explains that they were all “going through a lot of troubles and setbacks” and that they wanted the record to be “something I hope a lot of people resonate with.” And it is. You can hear yourself in the powerful, emotion-driven screams and soaring melodies and each listener will no doubt find a song they’re able to relate to. 

Songs like ‘Empty Feeling’, ‘Ache’ and ‘Misery’ all inject the album with energy, but it’s ‘Comfortable’ that’s the real showstopper here. Previously released as a single, the song packs a melodic punch that builds throughout the verses to crescendo in the anthemic choruses. 

Staring At The Sun is a considered album that could remind you of bands like Movements, Moose Blood, Basement and Title Fight, but mostly it’s a complex journey full of emotion from a group of skilled musicians that’s putting their stamp on the scene.

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